Baja Fish Tacos (Food-truck inspired)

Just like in Baja California from the food trucks at the beach, a fresh and flavorful fish taco.
Just like in Baja California from the food trucks at the beach, a fresh and flavorful fish taco.

It took me 43 years to discover fish tacos. I loved traditional tacos and so never ventured beyond them to discover the unique and fresh creation that is a traditional Baja fish taco. My first was in San Diego, California from a food truck (with a VERY long line) at the beach. I was HOOKED. Since then, I’ve been on a hunt for the “perfect” fish taco. The good news is, unlike a traditional taco, a fish taco can be made at home and tastes close to – if not better than – the original. I’ve made some substitution suggestions along the way.

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff (light version packed with flavor)

The temperature has dropped below 10 degrees. Just being in the kitchen feels cold as the air just outside the window is so cold. Something warm and comforting (while healthy) seemed in order.

I love a beef stroganoff. My Mom made this often in the wintertime. This can also be made with stew meat, which usually sells for a very reasonable price. My Mom’s version used high-test sour cream, egg nooodles and canned mushroom soup.

This version uses light cream cheese in lieu of sour cream (you’ll be amazed how great it works to stir into the broth). I like to use whole wheat egg noodles or egg white noodles (I don’t notice the different at all), but you can use regular.

Beef stroganoff began appearing in cuisine in the 19th century. It is of Russian origin. To read more, check out:

Chicken Pot Pie (Skinny)

Today we had a steady snow fall and warm comfort food was in order. The recent edition of Cooking Light featured a beautiful chicken pot pie and I realized I had most of the ingredients on hand (with a few extras thrown in on my own). I made a few adjustments and some notes to make it better for next time. Enjoy!

Breakfast Frittata Muffins

Muffin Pan FrittataBreakfast together… we’ve always had breakfast together. It is a nice way to start the day, but I must admit that I am never at my most perky. Time savers help both of us..oh, and the coffee. Lyn leaves an hour before I do. Sometimes I try to catch another half hour of sleep, sometimes walk our dog. These tasty mini frittatas are delicious and commuter-friendly. They may be made on Sunday and kept during the week. They also freeze and reheat well.

Europe – on a budget.

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Here are some of the ways we $ave in Europe:

1) Eating. Skip a meal. Breakfast in Europe is marvelous. We bring a small lunch bag and ice pack to breakfast along with ziploc bags (which we pack). 2 rolls, some lovely meats, beautiful cheese and some fruit makes for a wonderful snack or even dinner some nights. Purchase staples at larger grocery stores and keep them in your backpack/hotel. We empty out the courtesy fridge and use it for our snacks. We also share – we order salad or soup and one entree to share.

2) Ground transportation. Book ahead. If you get a rental car, get the smallest car possible (you’ll appreciate it when trying to park on cobblestone streets designed for horse and carriage). Loyalty applies here too. We use Hertz due to a long-time discount plan of Lyn’s, but other companies also have good rates. With repeat business comes free rentals.

3) Lodging. We are loyal to a particular hotel brand, Starwood. We have also used Airbnb.

4) Deals. Read ahead on deals and contact your local hotel concierge (even if you aren’t staying in a hotel :) They often know how to get free admission, have ground transportation passes, etc.

5) Time of year – October through April are the cheapest times to fly.

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Rick Steves always has good tips. In this case, thrifty one$.

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