Scottish Highlands

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The Highlands is the Scotland I imagined in my dreams. We drove from Stirling Castle north to the highlands. The drive was about 3 hours past rolling countryside, green hills, farms and small villages. As we grew closer, the hills grew steeper and the vistas longer. Lyn’s extensive travel knowledge once again brought us to a marvelous destination. Once we saw the glimmers of the lake, the homes grew more and more magnificent.

We stopped at a beautiful country inn, a former estate. Wandering through, we settled on a boathouse restaurant. It was charming! We enjoyed one of the most delicious bowls of clam chowder I can remember along with spectacular onion rings. Outside, small boats glided past. A nod to the affluence of the resort included a sea plane and a helecopter.

After enjoying our lunch, we drove north

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