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I have watched this numerous times for Europe packing:

Hotel Tips


Take it from a seasoned traveler, there are some ways to assure a better night’s sleep.  Here are a few of Lyn’s standard requests

HIGH FLOOR – Lyn always asks for a high floor and away from the elevators (unless you like the sound of dings, people talking loudly, etc.)
DOUBLE CHECK – your room when you leave, especially electric outlets.
BINDER CLIP – a binder clip comes in handy to hold the drapes closed.
PAINTER TAPE – a small roll of painter tape has all sorts of uses (my favorite is taping the edge of the drapes to the wall so that light doesn’t come in on my rare morning to sleep) and painters tape doesn’t hurt anything
TRIPLE CHECK – before you leave, even with these tips, we often forget something
FAN – set the fan to always run so there is background noise preserving your precious sleep
SAFE – use the safe, but double check it when you leave
WATER – you’ll walk more when you travel and having water near your bedwide will help
CHAPSTICK or balm of some type – hotel rooms are dry

And, if you do forget something, follow these tips from a hospitality executive:

  1. Call the hotel and let them know you left the item.
  2. Ask for the Manager on Duty (they’ll try to patch you to security or housekeeping and this isn’t always the best option)
  3. If possible, drive back to the hotel to retrieve your item (unfortunately, items left by guests are lucrative when sold over ebay or at pawn stores and the longer your item lingers, the less likely you’ll get it back).
  4. Request keycard entry log of the room (this tells you who was in the room after you left; this is also helpful when the hotel tells you they didn’t find your item and the keycard log shows – lo and behold – that no one ever entered the room and someone just told you the item wasn’t found)
  5. Arrange for shipment – you will have to pay over the phone by credit card so that it can be shipped back to you
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