Airline Travel

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Airline Travel

Coach will never feel like first class, but there are a few ways to make it feel more comfortable:

  1. Consider extras… extra leg room, choosing your seat, etc.  Usually with the cost of just one meal out, you may arrive much more refreshed.
  2. Sleeping – I hardly ever sleep on a plane, but the few things that make it easier (aside from any empty plane and stretching out over our whole row):
    2. Choose your row and seat carefully.  Some rows do not recline (I avoid the exit row for this reason and the rows in front of and behind).  If you do know which rows do not recline – great choice for you because you will not have someone’s head in your lap!  If you don’t see the seat you want when you purchase, keep checking back or pay for a service that will tell you when the good seats are available:
    3. On Lufthansa and many International flights (larger planes), we love the row with just two seats.  It becomes like a little “home away from home” with some extra storage around our legs and close proximity to moving about in the bulkhead area.
    4. Neck Pillow – choose your neck pillow wisely.  Neck pillows can make a huge difference.  There are all sorts of reviews on pillows.

      Just. Don’t. Think about it – have you EVER seen anyone use one of these on a plane? There are reason for that.
  3. Noise – Suggest noise canceling headphones (though I find these hurt my ears after a while) or ear plugs.
  4. Light – Eye blinds/eye shades make a huge difference.
  5. Medication?  I can’t do this, but some people swear by a prescription, sleeping aide or melatonin.
  6. Entertain yourself – this is a great time to catch up on articles, books and movies you have not seen in a while.  Make sure you are fully charged and carry extra power (one that will also charge up your laptop).
  7. Travel Guides – we often plan big chunks of our trip reading up on the travel guides.


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