Germany & Switzerland

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We visited Germany in the summer. Our itinerary follows with links to videos and written suggestions for each city.

Day 1: Washington, DC to Frankfurt, Germany
Day 2: Frankfurt arrive – Wurzburg, GermanyNuremburg, Germany
Day 3: Germany: NuremburgMunich
Day 4: Munich, Germany
Day 5: Munich, GermanySchwangau (Neuschweinstein Castle)Zurich, Switzerland
Day 6: Zurich, Switzerland
Day 7: ZurichLucerne, Switzerland
Day 8: Lucerne, Switzerland – Bernese Oberland – Zermatt, Switzerland
Day 9: Zermatt, Switzerland
Day 10: Switzerland: ZermattLausanneGeneva
Day 11: Geneva, Switzerland
Day 12: France: Beaune – Burgundy Wine Region – Borg en Bresse
Day 13: Geneva, Switzerland – Stuttgart, Germany
Day 14: Germany: Stuttgart – Bad Wimpfen – Frankfurt
Day 15: Frankfurt, Germany – Rheine River – Munich – Washington, DC

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